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Pewter Traditional Latches

  • Pewter traditional latches are handforged in steel "From The Anvil" then given a pewter patina. 
  • Our Suffolk Latch comes in a traditional Gothic or Bean style for cottage doors.
  • T-Hinges available to complement our Suffolk Latches.
  • Visit our blog guides:   Suffolk Latches       Door Furniture for Cottage Doors       About Pewter Patina Finish
  • Prices shown are currently -15% off manufacturers RRP.
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Bean Pewter Suffolk Latch
Traditional handforged Suffolk Latch, 4 part set, pewter patina finish, with fixings
£40.00 excl tax
Gothic Pewter Suffolk Latch
Traditional handforged latch, 4 part, with fixings
£40.00 excl tax
Cottage Latch Pewter
Cottage latch with a round pull handle on each side, available in left or right hand, pewter patina finish, with chunky square fixings. (Right hand version shown)
£68.00 excl tax
Ring Handle Set Pewter
A ring handle set with a plain ring and a floral backplate. Ideal as an internal door latch or in the garden as a door or gate latch. Should be used in conjunction with the Heavy Duty Latch 100mm see below. Set includes 2 handles, spindle and fixing screws in a Pewter patina finish. Also available in Iron.
£20.50 excl tax
Shakespeare Pewter Ring Turn Set
A beautifully forged latch set ideal for internal or external use on doors or gates. Comes with two turning handles, spindle and fixings.
£53.00 excl tax
Shakespeare Latch Pewter
A beautifully forged large latch set. Ideal for internal or external use on doors or gates. Comes with single handle for one side of the door/gate. For the other side you have another handle with latch, keepers and connecting spindle. 5 part set in total.
£63.00 excl tax