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Iron Door Hinges

  • Iron door hinges are hand forged "From The Anvil"
  • We have iron hook and band door hinges for the heaviest barn doors, to small iron butterfly hinges for cupboard doors and cabinets.
  • Traditional T-Hinges are available with Penny or Arrowhead end. Fitting guide - How to fit t-hinges to a planked door
  • All hinges are sold in pairs.
  • Selected Iron items come with a wax or powder coated finish.  The powder coated finish is recommended for external use.
  • Prices shown are currently -17.5% off manufacturers recommended retail price.
Penny Iron T Hinges
£13.50 excl tax
Arrowhead Iron T Hinges
£13.50 excl tax
Iron Hinge Fronts
£27.00 excl tax
Iron Hook and Band Hinges
£75.00 excl tax
Iron Barn Door Hinges
£98.00 excl tax
Iron Butt Hinges
£4.70 excl tax
External Iron Butt Hinges
£14.00 excl tax
Iron HL Hinges
£30.00 excl tax
Iron H hinges
£12.50 excl tax
Iron Butterfly Hinges
£17.00 excl tax