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  • Hooks are a great invention to help keep us tidy and come in all shapes and sizes. 
  • We have double and single hooks in oak, iron, pewter and brass in traditional designs.
  • Oak hooks are handcrafted in England.
  • The range of brass hooks includes one of the most popular, the little beehive hook.
  • Visit our blog:    Selecting the right type of hook
Hat and Coat Hook Iron
£7.25 excl tax
Gothic Hook Iron
£6.50 excl tax
Fleur Hook Iron
£6.50 excl tax
Acorn Hook Iron
£3.00 excl tax
Cup Hook Iron
£1.58 excl tax
L Hook Iron
£2.40 excl tax
Beehive Brass Hook
£6.50 excl tax
Double Small Brass Hook
£9.00 excl tax
Barley Twist Brass Hook
£6.00 excl tax
Cabin Hook Brass
£20.00 excl tax
Gothic Hook Pewter
£8.50 excl tax
Acorn Hook Pewter
£3.50 excl tax
Multi Oak Hook
£28.00 excl tax
Hat And Coat Oak Hook
£7.00 excl tax
Swivel Oak Hook
£26.00 excl tax
Small Oak Hook
£5.00 excl tax